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How to get Adsense approval in 2 Months

Google Adsense Approval

How to get Adsense approval in 2 Months

How to get Adsense approval in 2 Months

how to get Adsense approval in 2 Months


Hi guys, there is no doubt you own a blog or website. And look forward to making some dollars using the most popular ads network and you wanna know how to get Adsense approval in 2 Months. I remember months back when I also search the web day and night for quick tip and info on how to get my blog approved by google Adsense, all these ended in futility as bloggers sort more for traffic than informing people and solving their problems.


So I sat down and began to think of what next to do, thanks be to God, it was a success. After reasoning out some strategies, I was able to crack the adsense approval code and within the next three months, I got three Adsense account approved successfully. Now the truth is I am ready to give it all out, but first of all, I don’t recommend you skip any paragraph, because each one of them contains useful info that may be necessary to you in the future. So keep tour eyes on.



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Why should you choose Adsense.


There are numerous alternatives to google Adsense which you should consider, but after using Adsense for some time now, I do not think there can be a replacement. Personally, if not Adsense then nothing. These are my reasons:


High cost per click : Over the years I have not found another ads network that offer CPC as high as Adsense, this is probably due to their reputation in the Advertising industry.


100% filling rate : I personally have not seen a time, when they are short ads to display. I remember submitting my blog to another ads network years back and it was not approved for no reason, I however discovered that they do not have advertisers and those could not accept blog due to their low filling rate. You can never find this with Adsense.


Total control : You are in total control of how, when and what ads are displayed on your blog with Adsense. I think I will stop here for the sake of time.



Does Adsense affect a blog in any way?


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Honestly speaking, it does. However, when we weigh the advantages and the disadvantages, I say it is worth giving a try. With Adsense on your site equals to you having external scripts which could reduce your blog loading speed and the most detrimental, according to me is the fact that it takes visitor away from your site for just some $$$, this is because, when ads are clicked, it does not open on a new tab like the pop-unders do, instead it opens above your blog.



With a free blog at bloggers you may not have the chance of getting your blog approved within four months, and that is not what this post should be about according to the heading. However according to the quote above, if you require such great feats, like Adsense approval within 2 months, I would always recommend you switch to wordpress. Now what does it cost to do that, simple, only a domain name and an hosting plan.


You also need a domain name. just in case you really want to get into advance blogging you can try bluehost which is the leading global hosting company, please not that by purchasing another product with the link above we are been payed a referral fee, therefore, we would humbly accept all question and offer helps in the areas of setting up your blog just contact us and we will be happy to help



What does Google Adsense want from your blog?


It is very vital to know what Adsense expects from your blog:


Space for ads : just imagine a blog without strategic locations for ads, when you stuff up your post with pictures which occupy the space which could be meant for ads, you are indirectly asking for a rejection mail from adsense, you should at least give them the impression that their ads can supplement pictures by leaving buttons of heading picture-free, I would not recommend more than one picture for a post less than one thousand words.


Assurance of seriousness : lol, you may be thinking what’s lacking in your blog that keep on getting you that rejection mail, the answer is seriousness, having a well written about us page, well arranged template or theme, a custom domain name, and a captivating Logo could go a long way to show your seriousness. Trust me, Adsense would not want to approve a blog which would not last 6 month.

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An identified niche : just imagine a blog that virtually takes about everything, hush, I can bet a couple of dollars that they don’t get approved within the period of a year. Make sure to pick an identified blog niche and let all your post be focused on it.


Human validation : try placing your pictures and name which concur to that on your e-mail address, this would help them double check your blog ownership and authenticity.



How to deliver what the reviewer wants.


It is important to make sure your blog delivers according to their expectation inorder to guarantee your approval. Simply follow the following guidelines:


Create your legal pages : legal pages include your privacy policy page, about us page, disclaimer page e.t.c. These are mandatory to your approval, infact, Adsense says so. Just to keep of the stress you can use the search box below to search for a website which could generate all these pages for you for free.


Apply Using Root Domain: You should always apply using the root domain like Not


Be Serious when choosing content Images: Google Adsense doesn’t approve blogs if they lead to copyrighted contents. Copyrighted means the things that have been copied from others directory without their permission. And we make fault every time when choosing an image. Some people just go to an image directory, take their suitable images and upload these on their blogs. Did they ever check if they have permission to use these? The really sad news is that, most of the webmasters who fail to get Adsense because of this copyrighted law. Copyrighted images are the real causes.


Don’t Have Adsense Prohibited Content:



Adsense has directly told that, sites with adult contents, copyrighted contents, drug alcohol-related contents, hacking cracking contents, violent contents, weapons-related contents and other illegal contents will not be approved.



Lead a Nice design and Blog Structure:


Blog structure is the basic structure of your blog. So, make sure that you have a nice looking header, content area, sidebar, footer, etc. Always think if the visitors will like the structure. If people like it, Adsense would definitely like it. The first impression of any blog comes with blog design. Thus, you can take advantage of any professional looking templates (free or paid), and use it on your blog. If you are using wordpress, I strongly recommend the newspaper theme.

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Keep up content up to standard : 


A writing proverb “Content is King” helps you understand this requirement. The high-quality contents define A high-quality blog. Great contents mean unique, decorated, stated and clear concerted content. Some black hat webmasters say, copy paste content only between 100-200 words is enough. But, I may assure him that his journey to Adsense will be certainly finished. I think, how a blog post or content could be only between 100-200 words? In my judgment, it is not possible to completely describe a topic within 100-200 words. And if copy paste content is enough, anybody can declare himself as a blogger. Please keep in mind, Google AdSense doesn’t approve blogs with copy pasted copyright content. A well-optimized blog post should be 100% unique and above 500-600 words. So, always write blog post above this limit and it must be unique which clearly determinate the post topic.



Have a clear navigation : I would recommend that you place all your categories and legal pages in the sidebar and your legal pages in the footer menu.



Create social media pages and indicate on your blog


This goes a long way to show that your blog is not a quake, facebook, twitter and pinterest pages could serve as great ideas and could also help drive traffic to your blog, as well as other SEO benefits.



Final words


You should bear in mind that when AdSense says they are reviewing your site. And humans are conducting this. Wow, that means it is a manual review and thus your blog as to be as real as possible.

So this are the detailed information that you should know how to get Adsense approval in 2 Months. 


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