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Best ways to monetize a new blog

Monitize blog

Best ways to monetize a new blog

Best way to monetize a niche blog

If you check a lot of blogs online, they all tell you of a single set of ways to monetize your blog. Some time ago I came across a blog post which title was promising to tell me 75 ways I could monetize my blog. Of course, it told me 75 ways but 60 of them were not practical for me as my blog was just starting up.


So if your blog is still trying to gain momentum and you need to ways to at generating some income from it at least enough revenue to foot half of the running cost, then this article is for me. My first blog took me over 6 months to make my first $10. However, after learning the secrets behind generating revenue from an online asset, it does talk me up to three months to generate up to $100 from a blog. I’ll explain the best ways to monetize a new blog.


So here is how you do it.



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Find an audience before writing.


Most times before picking your blogging niche, you are faced with a ton of niches. If you pick any niche that comes to mind, it may take up to eight months to start seeing results. Instead, pick a niche related to those you encounter on a daily basis.


For instance, I am a keyboardist in my church and as such I know over 300 other keyboardist both offline and online. So if I launch a blog that share the latest piano scales and tips, it would not be difficult to monetize it because these people already know me in person.

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Don’t depend on google ads 


Oh yes, if all your revenue still come from Adsense and your are doing nothing about it, there is something wrong. This is Africa and the CPC is extremely low compared to countries like USA and UK. So you shouldn’t be working hard to get more traffic in order to earn more from AdSense. No. That shouldn’t be your motive.


Let me shock you. From a reliable source, to make up to $1000 a month from Google AdSense you would need at least 15,000 daily page views. Did you understand the implications of that? That would equally mean that to make $100 a month from AdSense in Nigeria you would need to have at least 1,500 page views daily.


How many daily page view does your blog currently have? Leave a comment below.


Now here are the really great ways of monetizing your blog profitably.



Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing simply means promoting other people’s products and driving sales through your affiliate link.


I remember when I started a blog and within two weeks I made an affiliate sale that earned me a commission of $89. Oh yes. For this to work perfectly for you, you should promote something you currently use and let your reader know that you use it as well by showing proofs without stating that backend purpose.


Remember, if you don’t use it and you pretend to use it, it would surely bounce back at you.




Sales of digital products


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This is one of my best methods of making money online because all you need to do is put up the material once and you get to sale it as many times as possible. To me it seems like work now and enjoy forever.


If you are creating a blog around a part niche, consider putting up a material, preferably an ebook that solves a major problem in that niche.


You can simply create an ebook using Microsoft word and create graphics for free using canva.




Offer your skills 


What do you do when you are not blogging? If you got some free time you may want to place your own gigs on your website. 


For instance my blog about website design and SEO helps me offer my services to my reader.

This fetch a bulk of income as you convert readers into paying clients.

This is exactly what hubspot does by creating a marketing blog.

If you like, you can call it using your blog to market your skills.


Now with those tips above, your new blog should be profitable in no time.

Just make sure you take it as your business and therefore seek ways to make money from it instead of trying to copy the ways others make money from their blog.

Good luck.


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