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7 plugins you are to have on your WordPress blog

wordpress plugins

7 plugins you are to have on your WordPress blog

7 plugins you are to have on your WordPress blog

If you intend to start a blog, after purchasing your hosting plan and domain. You would need to install one of the most popular blogging content management software (CMS) which is WordPress. I will be showing the 7 plugins you are to have on your WordPress blog. Now after that, you would notice that there are tons of plugins available for you to install. And it might be tempting to install as many as pleases you but this is dangerous.


You must be cautious of plugins that have malware and virus. Such plugins can usually be identified by checking out the last time they were updated. Most of the major problem with WordPress is that most websites built with WordPress. Are more vulnerable to hacking scheme and installing wrong plugins contribute to 85% of these events.

So today, I am going to show you some of the major plugins you should install on your website. 

These plugins are 100% safe and very compatible with WordPress.




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If you ever want to install a plugin on WordPress, you would have come across the plugin called Akismet by automatic. If you are running a blog, especially an entertainment blog, activating the aksimet plugin should be a must. This plugin helps filter spamming comments from genuine once.


Automatic is able to do this by monitoring data from over two millions websites worldwide that use the plugin as well. So assuming you are receiving up to 250 comments on your post daily, Akismet saves you the work of having to go through all of them one by one.

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You may want to ask, how effective is their algorithm? From my research and personal experience it is 95% effective.




Monster Insights

Do you want to get a robust insight on your website metrics? If yes, you need a monster insight by installing the monsterinsight plugin. Monsterinsight brings the power of google analytical which is one of the best website metric software right to your WordPress dashboard.


Instead of installing the number bulk of WordPress stats plugin on your blog which can slow it down, you can choose to get it all in one place with monsterinsight.


Please note that to use monsterinsight you would need a Google analytical account. Don’t be scared it is free to create and does not need any form of approval like google AdSense.



Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

Google AMP

If you run a blog which major aim is to dispense information to the public and your major means of monetizing your traffic is through Google AdSense or other custom ads, you should consider installing the Google amp plugin.


This plugin takes a striped version of your website and stores them on google servers in order to make them available to readers at a faster rate. This would increase the speed at which your website load on mobile and thus increase your ranking on mobile searches.


If you take a look around, a host of entertainment blogs use this plugin to amp up their traffic.


However, if you intend to use pop up to collect email address or sell products, you shouldn’t use the amp plugin as it could deprive you of such functions.

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Insert headers or footer plugin

headers or footer plugin

After setting up your website, you would need to verify your ownership on a lot of platforms ranging from Google AdSense to google search console.


And one of the most common ways to do so is by placing a piece of code in between your head tag. That is between the <head></head>. Now, if you are not someone used to coding and HTML language, you may not have the boldness of editing your wordpress theme by yourself but with the aid of this plugin, you can place the codes in a very user friendly manner where you would not have to deal with any form of coding algorithms.


After installing the plugin, you would locate the options available under your setting tabs.



Thirsty Affiliate

Thirsty Affiliates

If your website earns by using affiliate marketing this plugin would be extremely useful to you.

It helps you save all your affiliate links and also rebrand them into a fancy link.


For instance, an affiliate link could look like

That format is far more better than something like


And also you can use to plugin to automatically place affiliate links right on your editing tab i.e you do not have to do login into your affiliate account to get your affiliate link whenever you want to use it.



Contact form 7


Every website should have a contact page and one of the most attractive contact pages usually have a contact form. You can simply use contact form 7 plugin to place a form on any page of your website using a shortcode.

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Yoast or Rankmath


What is the use of writing a blog post that would not rank? One of the major search engine optimization tweak is called onpage SEO. This involves the various rules and tricks you should obey when writing your articles in order for it to be user friendly and therefore rank higher and google SERPS.


Now learning onpage SEO may be a quite bulky but with the yoast plugin or Rankmath, you can be guided by a JavaScript algorithm on how to make your post more user friendly.


After installing the plugin, all you need to do is to input the keywords or key-phrase you want to rank for, then write your article.




Finally, don’t forget to use a cache plugin if you are  not using Google amp to enhance your website performance.

With these plugins, your brand new site is set to go.





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