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Version of QuickBooks software

QuickBooks Cloud-Based Accounting software offers a facility to store the data on the cloud. Cloud Infrastructure helps in storing the data via stable internet connection. . QuickBooks is a tool that offers a secure platform to users. The effective and easy-to- use accounting software program has been a revelation for establishments, mainly SMEs, assisting them to enhance their economic methods and decorate average performance and productivity. . Being utilized...

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Video conferencing tools can make both your personal and professional liaison increasingly efficient, and save you time and effort. That is, of course, if you segregate the right tool to use. . Traditionally, people have been choosing Skype as their go-to software when it comes to telecommunications. But while it’s a unconfined easy-to-use app, it moreover comes with unrepealable limitations, like having to pay for some essential...

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There are so many reasons why you would have to install wordpress on your personal computer and believe me that as a blogger or wordpress programmer, you would surely need wordpress locally installed on your laptop or desktop. . There are a lot of benefits of installing wordpress on your local system which include . You would be able to test any wordpress plugin locally before uploading and...

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Google adsense

Google Adsense is the top advertising media available for bloggers and publishers to automatically place and earn from ads on their website. . As the name implies, it is one of the biggest internet ads company and it is owned by google. . So today, I assume you are planning on having adsense ads on your websites or perhaps you already have it displaying and you are interested in...

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software for blogging_

Blogging is now considered by many as a full time career and of course a great source of earning income right from your home. It does not require much to get started but when it takes off, the profit is really reasonable. . In getting started with your first blog, a critical choice you would have to make is the software you will choose to run your...

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There is definitely no doubt that the internet and the Tech community  has produced more billionaires and millionaires in the last decade than any other industry on earth today. Most of the richest men on earth today are owners of tech and software companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft. . There was actually a time where investors where virtually on their knees begging tech entrepreneurs to...

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Tech Startup

Everyone now knows that tech startup is the current big thing as we hear daily news of tech startups receiving thousands and millions of dollars on a monthly basis as funding and investment. . Africa is not left out in this trend as a lot of startups especially technologically inclined once have attracted thousands of dollars from both foreign and local investors. . So do you have a tech...

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google one backup

I remember some time back when my device was stolen and I lost everyone of my picture, files and musics. Also apart from theft, changing your device can still lead to lost of some vital files. . This was the problem the founder of dropbox saw that lead to the building of an online cloud storage system. . So now hence forth i would advise you not to store...

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There is definitely no doubt that in the era of economic recession and unemployment, becoming and freelancer and selling your skills and time would be a great way to make money. . In fact, people are making massive cash on a monthly basis by just selling their services and the good thing is that you can now find clients from all over the world by signing up...

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As at the time of writing this article, YouTube currently stands as the second largest search engine in the world as well as the largest video search engine in the world. YouTube has millions of videos and receives billions of video views on a daily basis. However, what a lot of people do not know is that they can make a lot of money by just uploading...

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