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SEO in GhanaWeb App

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Add Product Categories   PRODUCT CATEGORIES - How to create categories - How to create sub-categories - How to assign products to categories and sub categories - How to add you Categories to your Menu #Ecommerce #Categories #Wordpress #ProductsCategories Hi guys today we are going to see how you can create product categories to your e-commerce website let's say you have an e-commerce website and you have products like this on the website and now...

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Disaster Recovery

How can a disaster recovery by a managed service provider help to improve IT support? Managed IT services vendor ExtNoc has recommended Health Communities to address the main drivers of IT insecurity so the provider can create a sound, reliable, productive, and wealthy IT people team that can respond to the requirements of the community.   The ExtNoc looked to standardized systems and frameworks, automated in the background...

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Wired vs wireless

Are you confused about wired headphones and wireless headphones? Here we see the difference between the wired headphones and wireless headphones. Now every day we want headphones if we gym, gaming, work, or simply want to enjoy better music. We highlighted both their pros & cons in a very comprehensive comparison given below. If you want to buy the best wireless Bluetooth headphones, earphones, earbuds. Visit...

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There is no doubt that the need of websites by organizations and even the smallest kinds of business s is fast becoming compulsory and no longer an option. Bill Gates couple of years said “from statistics, in the future there will be two kinds of businesses, those that are online and those that are out of business”. The internet is talking over every aspect of human life...

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AATECH college home page

Are you thinking of getting a website for your business soon, if yes, there are some important qualities you should look out for when hiring a web developer. These qualities can go a long way in determining the success or failure of your online enterprise. So right now, I am going to list out for you the most important qualities that every website should have for...

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Wordpress is the most popular blogging software in the whole world. in fact, it has over the years evolves from a blogging system to a very powerful software that can be used to create any type of websites.   This is so great because it means that your wordpress blog can be extremely flexible and possess as many features as you want them to have. for instance,...

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important part of digital marketing in today’s world. search engine optimization involves doing very things legal and safe to get the google search bots to rank your blog above others for a particular search query on the google search engine result page.   and of course in any industry, you also have people who never want to play...

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AppsAfrica Awards

Twelve winners of the AppsAfrica Awards 2020 which celebrate the best in mobile and tech from across Africa have been announced. The AppsAfrica Awards strive to showcase leading ventures from across the continent each year and provide winners with industry recognition, global publicity, and potential investment. AppsAfrica Winners are also invited to join Africa Tech Summit  in 2021 connecting with tech leaders, corporates, and investors at next year’s African and European Summits. The...

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Wordpress is a open source software that currently powers over 20% of the websites on the web. However one of the disadvantages of owning a website using wordpress is that, the website is more vulnerable to hackers as the open source software is readily available for anyone to use.   However there are some certain steps you must take to prevent your website from being vulnerable to hackers. Welcome...

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3 MOST COMMON WAYS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE Having a website for your business is one thing while getting people to actually visit your website so that the system can start working for your business is another thing. If you do not have a website for your business already, according to studies that have being on since 2010 is have continual being proven that...

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When it comes to business in today’s world, e-commerce has become a very integer part of buying and selling as transactions valuated at billions of dollars are being made online every single month. Certainly, you cannot be left out of this trend as every single brick and mortar businesses are finding a way to tap into the power of the internet.   S today, I am going...

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