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What is the major difference between b2b and b2c e-commerce?


What is the major difference between b2b and b2c e-commerce?

What is the major difference between b2b and b2c e-commerce?

Do you want to start your own business? Then you have to decide about the products and customers you want
to deal with. This helps in expanding business in both online and offline . The confusion starts when you

go to the marketing field as there are two types of marketing method – b2b and b2c. The question is
why you have to pick among the both commerce platforms? What is the major difference between b2b
and b2c e-commerce?


B2B VS B2C: the differences between the e-commerce?

The main difference is in the marketing policy. You may find it weird as the marketing process targets
only people, right? But the fact is, there are difference in consuming product direct and getting it from a


In B2B ecommerce, you have to sell your business products or service to other business. On the other
hand the B2C e-commerce platform works with direct customers without involving any third parties. For
an example Alibaba is and b2b e commerce and Amazon is b2c ecommerce platform.
The main differences between b2c and b2b e-commerce:

Remember these differences are considered on the needs, interest and preferences of the customers.
So let’s check out the differences in the both platforms:


The details of the products:
While working on product detail the difference becomes visible. When you are purchasing a product
through a b2b platform, you have to go through the processes like:
1. Going through the buying guides
2. Analyzing explainer product videos
3. Reading blog posts
4. Using 24/7 customer support
5. Studying different case studies
6. Then taking purchasing decision
On the other hand, in the b2c platform, you have to go through the processes like:
1. Checking ratings and reviews
2. Watching videos
3. Select the products on the basis of features, good quality images and highlights
4. Purchase

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Call to action
In the b2b platform, things work in how the product will do benefit in your business. And in the b2c
platform, it will work in how the product will do direct benefit with the customers.


Webpage design
You will find a huge difference in the home page design of the websites of the both platforms.
In the b2b homepage design, you will get:
1. A product demo in the center
2. There carousels that characterizes products with essential features.
3. To make the decision quick a “why to choose us” section is given
In the b2c homepage design, you will find:
1. A clear highlights of discounts and running sales
2. Bunch of trending products are kept
3. Clickable buttons to go on different pages.


Marketing policy:
The b2c ecommerce platform requires heavy investment in ads, content and marketing strategies to

In the b2b platform, it focuses on leads rather than visitors. So they collect the contact information of
the visitors and targets them for long time business.


Audience size:
In the b2c platform, the website has to deal with huge traffic. And the b2b platform targets only the specific audiences.


Order quantity:
The b2c platform don’t have order quantity limit. Clients can order any amount of products in this
But in the b2b platform the order quantity is limited. You can order up to a certain number of products.


Customer support:
In the b2c platform, the customer don’t take extra time to purchase any products. They just pick and
buy. But customer service is required to make the purchase perfect.
On the other hand, b2b platform works with large orders. So they follow the first contact resolution
motto. But this platform requires 24/7 customer support.

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Relation with customers

The relation between customers in b2c platform is for long time. The service works with buyers and
maintains the partnership for long time.
The b2c platform connects with clients for short time. They keep contact until the product is purchased.


There are huge difference between the b2b and b2c e-commerce platform. In the b2b platform, the
pricing is different as it depends on the products number and delivery time. On the other hand, the b2c
platform comes with fixed price products. The prices don’t vary except in any discount offers.


As the b2b deals with huge products, so the customers do transaction through credit as it is safe. In the
b2c platform customers deals with customers with cash transaction.


In the b2c platform, the checkout process is simple and fast. The customer choses the product, then
select it, then goes to the cart and payment done through payment gateway.
In the b2b platform, the checkout process is done in different checkout steps with live assistance to
make the payment process fast.


I think it is now understandable in what is the major difference between b2b and b2c e-commerce. So
when you are thinking of starting an online or offline business then you have to think whether you will
go for a b2b ecommerce or b2c ecommerce platform.

Do build a trustworthy e commerce platform, you
can rely on zoom it do develop a reliable ecommerce business platform to run a successful business.

Pros Tech.
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