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Cheap Domain and Hosting

Domain Cost, Web hosting Cost and Website development pricing in Ghana


As technology is growing and gradually creeping into business industries in Ghana and Africa as a whole, statistics show that business growth in technology has really increased since the last Decade.Which means a vast number of companies in Ghana are now diving into technology and breaking barriers through the internet, which leads to business growth in productivity and increase in profit margins.This has also added a huge opportunity and a very large job market for Web Developers, Software Developers, Digital Marketers and Graphic Designers in Ghana, fetching them so much money in the last half decade,working for companies eager to break through the technology market with their brand.


With this I would like to focus on Website Developers, who are mainly the people in charge of building web platforms, internet security and mostly playing the middlemen in every organization as far as Technology is concerned. After several studies of the technology market in Ghana, I found out that freelance Web Masters or Website Developers and companies into Website Development mostly have these charges, but may vary depending on special features and time frame for delivery.




Ecommerce website 2 Months Between GH¢4000 – 5000
Large Organization Website 1 Month(2 weeks)                  GH¢1500
Small Business  Website 2 Weeks                  GH¢800
School Website 1 Month                  GH¢1500
NGO Website 2 Weeks                  GH¢1000
Church Website 3 Weeks                  GH¢800 – ¢1200
Classified Website 1 month                  GH¢1000 – 1500
Clinic or Hospital 1 month                  GH¢1000 – 2000


This charges includes Domain Purchase + Hosting and Development.

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Payment methods may vary depending on the Web Developer or the company you are dealing with but you may definitely pay a certain amount upfront before work begins, whereas companies may decide or choose to give you
discount packages.

Be careful when the offer looks too juicy, the person may not be able to deliver. There are a lot of guys going round claiming they are developers but are not, so be sure of who you transact business with.


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Buy Domain in Ghana


If you also choose to buy your own domain, probably, after finding a very good name for your business, you would want to purchase it so that you don’t lose the name to someone else, below are the best companies to buy from:



The domain purchases in Ghana may range between GH¢50 – 70 depending on the company you are buying from. In terms of hosting a website one may have to take critical analysis on who to trust their website with, since your website is your business and identity on the internet you will not want to give your website to just any company to host it. Some hosting companies do have regular server issues which may lead to your website going down – this means your website will no more be available on the internet for a certain amount of time.

Now imagine a client on your eCommerce website trying to purchase an item and your website goes down? You lose that client immediately, he may not be patient enough to wait without knowing how long it will take for your website to be back online.

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Hosting a Website in Ghana


The best hosting companies that can host your website without you having server issues are listed below:

  1. InMotion
  2. Bluehost
  3. Hostgator
  4. Godady
  5. Namecheap


This hosting companies are ranked the best because of they provide dynamic web services and customer support to their clients.Hosting in Ghana may vary depending on the project or website and the hosting company you want to work with but may range between GH¢200 – 300.


Digital Marketing in Ghana


After getting your website done and hosted in any of the hosting companies mentioned, you would also want to be ranked as one of the best on Google search, Bing, yahoo and other search engines. This literally means that when someone goes online to search for businesses in Ghana that deal in “liquid soap” or let’s say “pet shop” Google or any other search engine used by the person searching will show or place your website first or on top for the person searching.

You will need to hire a professional in SEO to help you rank higher and also place your business on My Google business.


web development

Mobile App Development in Ghana – Android and IOS


Another field in technology that is really fast spreading and helping organizations to increase productivity and profit is Mobile Apps. Now most companies are seeing the need to get a mobile app, since a lot of people prefer just downloading the app once and for all. Rather than search the website online anytime they need anything, they would instead easily open the app and that’s it.Apps in Ghana are on another level, and getting an app for your business is another way of telling your customers that you are really ready for business and ready to make things easier for them as they continue to do business with you.

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People trust companies with mobile apps more than companies with no mobile apps, since customers know that it may cost you so much to get an app, this means that you have come to stay as a business entity, and this gives them confidence anytime they are transacting business with you.With this you need to get a professional Mobile App Developer to get the job done perfectly for you, since this is quite an advance form of a website the charges are a bit higher.


Mobile app charges in Ghana may range from GH¢10,000 – 20,000 depending on the kind of project, the developer or the company you are dealing with is undertaking. This may take 3 months to get your app fully ready.

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