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Types of Websites


Types of Websites

There is no doubt that the need of websites by organizations and even the smallest kinds of business s is fast becoming compulsory and no longer an option.

Bill Gates couple of years said “from statistics, in the future there will be two kinds of businesses, those that are online and those that are out of business”.

The internet is talking over every aspect of human life which is as extreme as the way we buy, think and even communicate.

Therefore, what kind of website would suite your business or organization?

In this article, I am going to be giving a brief on the most popular type of website available on the web so that you can know exactly what you should go for.

We all know that websites consist of webpages made available through the internet. However, today, we are going to classify a majority of the websites on the web.

Websites are of different types and they are classified based on their design, feature and purpose.

It’s going to be a long article so let us not waste any time.


These are the most common type of websites found on the web and they are basically built to disseminate information to the general public.

They are completely dynamic websites that are updated very frequently according to their niche and industry.

Basically, the front page of blogs are meant to display the most recent or most popular post while the navigation bar or menu contains links to the various categories and legal pages such as privacy policy, about us, contact, advertise e.t.c.

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However, currently, a blog is fast becoming a major component of every website as they have become useful is gaining free customers and web visitors via search engine optimization.

That is why you see major brand websites, e-commerce websites like Jumia having a blog attached to their website.

It as not important then, but is now very important.


These are open discussion websites where people can sign up and contribute to topics and issues of concerns. A very popular example is Nairaland which is the largest forum in Africa and the third largest forum in the world.

Forums are completely straight forward and mostly have user generated contents.


These are websites owned by corporate organizations and companies and they are basically built to represent the presence of the company online along with other reasons such as disseminating information.

They mostly have less than 15 pages and it is built to portray the brand.


SAAS is a uprising type of website and it is an acronym that stands for software as a service. These websites incorporate tools and softwares into their website and offer it to the public, either as a free tool or a paid tool.

Example of these websites include Alexa, SEMrush, FBdown and a host of others.

These websites are basically very expensive to build as they require a high level of maintenance as well as adequate web hosting facilities.

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E-Commerce Website

E-Commerce websites include any website built with the aim of buying or selling, the products may be virtual products (digital products like e-book or online courses) or physical products that need to be shipped.

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These websites range from single sales pages to fully functional e-commerce websites.

They come with the following features:

PRODUCT CATALOGUE: This include carousels and other structures that aid in displaying the products up for sale to web visitors.

PAYMENT GATEWAYS: These allows people to pay for the goods they want and they sometimes give people to choose the mode of payment that suites their convenience which may vary from paystack to PayPal to even pay on delivery.

USER ACCOUNT: Although this is optional, however, when you sell consumer good, it is advisable to allow your customers have a customer account on your store to get them hooked and also ease checkout.


These are normally owned by freelancer and companies who are into creative ventures to showcase their portfolio which include products and past projects online.

If the company has a business website, it can be combined with it to create a great user experience.

They are mostly graphic websites with a contact or enquiry form. They cost close to nothing depending on the size and other required features.

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These are used by organizations to enhance the daily flow and operations of the organization. All universities and most schools around West Africa now use such websites to increase efficiency as well as manage their huge community of both workers and students.

You can build such a website for your organization to pass information and automate some processes.

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