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Top Websites for Freelancers


Top Websites for Freelancers

There is definitely no doubt that in the era of economic recession and unemployment, becoming and freelancer and selling your skills and time would be a great way to make money.


In fact, people are making massive cash on a monthly basis by just selling their services and the good thing is that you can now find clients from all over the world by signing up for some major freelancing websites that help to match people with skills to potential clients.


So today, I am going to be telling you the top websites you should create a profile in, in order to get more contracts hereby boosting your revenue.


Guess what, it is free to create a freelancer account on most of these websites and you only get to pay a little amount of money (based on the price of the contract you secure through the website) on each completed contract.


So without wasting anymore time, let us get started.


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making money online




I have checked over twenty other blogs and asked over thirty freelancers and they all endorse upwork as one of the best place to secure contracts.


In fact, it is currently the largest micro job website in the World and is extremely suitable for web developers, programmers, graphic designers, freelance writers and a lot more freelancers whose skills are in any way related to technology.


From reliable data, a lot of small, huge and fulling blown companies seek freelancers from upwork due to the reputation and process monitoring of the system.

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It is also important for me to say that for a company as huge as upwork to climb up to this list, competition is highly inevitable. Sometimes you may see a particular job offer with has high as 50 proposals already made by other freelancers, so to be on top of your game, you have to have a high converting profile which include experience level and past clients and a portfolio of your works. This will help you land more deals.


To get started using upwork, head straight to their official website and create a freelancer’s account and always be on the watch for new job offers so that you can be among the first set of freelancers to submit a proposal.


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Fiverr is extremely popular due to the amount of gigs that are being placed on it on a daily basis and it seems to be the first place freelancers can get their first work online due to the ease and traffic of the website.


Fiverr however works in a way quite different from upwork in the sense that you do not need clients to post proposal instead you post a proposal which in fiverr is called gig and when someone is interested, he will contact you still via the fiverr platform.


The reason why most beginners prefer fiverr to upwork is because of how easy it is to secure a contract on fiverr compared to upwork. In fiverr, all you need to do is to make your gig captivating and you can start getting clients even when you got no experience.

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To get started with fiverr, simply list out the various skills you have and go create a freelancer’s account on fiverr and post your gig.


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I decided to add design hill here due to how unique there more of operation is. In design hill, freelancers do not post gigs neither do people post jobs.


It uses an extremely different approach whereby a client can create a context among graphic designers (design hill is built only for graphic designers) and then all the graphic design who feel they are qualified to beat the competition for that exact work will then opt in and submit there various designs.


This will leave the creator of the context with a whole lot of works and he will be left to choose the winner of the context.


So if you are just getting started and you are looking for a place to display as well as groom your talent, design hill seems to be the best place for you.



Freelancer is built just like upwork but it is more user friendly as well as more beginner friendly. It offers the platform for people with all sort of digital skills to get leads for. Digital skills accepted in include search engine optimization, content creation, graphics and logo design as well as website development and design.


If you are just starting out, freelancer will serve as a god place to generate valuable leads and clients.

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99designs is a forum kind of freelancing website where freelancers are groomed in an online community. It will be a great place for meeting other freelancers and also engaging in joint contracts.



Simply hired is kind of built of longer term contracts. It is free to create a profile as well as posting a job and all you need to do is narrow down your skills to a articular niche.


you may be wondering how you would get found when they are a lot of job proposals already available on the website, it is quite simple, as long as you narrow down your offer to a particular keywords and niche, the powerful search tool found at simplyhired would help clients find you extremely fast.


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