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Top Tech Startups In Africa


Top Tech Startups In Africa

There is definitely no doubt that the internet and the Tech community  has produced more billionaires and millionaires in the last decade than any other industry on earth today. Most of the richest men on earth today are owners of tech and software companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft.


There was actually a time where investors where virtually on their knees begging tech entrepreneurs to accept their investment in their respective tech companies and startup, this era was called the dot com boom.


The dot com boom was so rewarding for tech entrepreneurs as they were getting high bids and amazing investment offers for their internet companies. However, today, the tech industry is still one of the most fertile industry in the whole as companies are receiving thousand of dollars in funding on a daily basis.


Our main focus today is Africa, so let us talk about some of the top startup companies we have in Africa today that have global reputation and have made a significant impact in the African technosphere.


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Paystack is often referred to as the Paypal of Africa has it was created to solve that exact problem.


Ever since the inception and expansion of Paypal, a lot of African has resorted to using the tech medium to rob and scam foreigners which led to the placed of a ban on this particular geographical area. However, legit business men still needed a way to transact via the internet and Paystack has successfully proven themselves over the years to be equal to the task.

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Paystack is a financial tech startup company that allows merchants to receive credit card payments from their client. The company was founded by two Nigerian entrepreneurs and since it’s inception has received thousands of dollars in funding.


Paystack is also among the first set of startups in Africa to be invited into google startup atmosphere.


With over fifty thousand clients across Ghana and Nigeria, they are definitely set to take over the African economic cycle.




Whogohost is one of the biggest players in Africa when it comes to quality and affordable web hosting. The company was founder by Opeyemi who is a web developer based in Nigeria.


He discovered that since the internet market in Africa especially Nigeria was still growing fast with no sign of stopping and most of his clients used foreign web host. He therefore resorted to starting a web hosting company which is today known as Whogohost.


Whogohost is also an accredited NIRA domain registrar and has a lot of foreign personnel employing their expertise to the growth of the company.


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Iroko TV was founded by Jason Njoku and is currently one of the largest video streaming medium in Africa.

The need for Iroko TV arouse when Jason visited his mom in the United Kingdom and could not find any Nigeria or Ghana movie to purchase in their movie stores over there. This was a problem all lovers of African movie had to face when they are outside the Continent.

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Jason then took it upon himself to make sure that African movies can be access all over the world. He did this by traveling back to Lagos, Nigeria and bought sharing rights for movies for as low as $5 and then uploading it on a Youtube channel for people all over the world to watch.


The revenue was then generated from Youtube ads and due to the long and captivating nature of African movies, he was able to generate a lot of revenue using it.

Ever since then, Iroko TV has scaled from its current form by receiving several rounds of funding from investors to becoming a streaming system, that is why it is often referred to as the Netflix of Africa.




Opay is a fast growing financial technological startup company owned by the popular company, Opera, that operates the Opera mini browser.


The startup was recently launched in the year 2018 and has being well funded due to the already established brand and reputation of the brand. The major aim of the fintech startup is to highly facilitate and play a lead role in leading Africa into a complete cashless economy.


With Opay, you can easily:


  • Pay for products easily at supermarkets and restaurants.
  • Make payment into peoples bank account without any charges.
  • Purchase airtime and data.
  • Receive cashback for every purchase you make.
  • Receive money from friends and business clients.





Oride is also owned by Opera, the same company that recently launched Opay. Indeed Opera is set to dominate the Nigeria tech space will trending and sustainable tech startup.

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Oride is a copy of BOLT or TAXIFY which is a cab (taxi) monitoring and distribution system that helps match taxis with people in need of them.


After the launch, Oride has received significant amount of funding and after prompt integration with other of their services like Omart and Opay, they have being able to start at a very good starting point.


We probably couldn’t list all Tech startups in Africa, Drop a comment below if you know any which did not add.


Thank you.


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