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Top Software For Blogging

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Top Software For Blogging

Blogging is now considered by many as a full time career and of course a great source of earning income right from your home. It does not require much to get started but when it takes off, the profit is really reasonable.


In getting started with your first blog, a critical choice you would have to make is the software you will choose to run your blog with. There are a lot of software available which you can deploy to run your blog.


So today, I will be discussing he top blogging software which you can use for your blog. Actually, there are three software that comes to mind when the world of blogging is concerned and they are


  • BLOGGER also called blogspot


Each of all these software has their various limitations, advantages as well as disadvantages. So without wasting any more time, let us get started






WORDPRESS.COM is an already hosted software that allows bloggers to start their blog without any hassle other than creating contents. It comes with a free plan as well as a premium plan. So since you are most likely to get started with the free plan, it will be important to know that you cannot run a blog successfully on the free plan due to the numerous limitations.



For instance, if your blog is on a free plan, you cannot monetize your blog either through affiliate marketing or google ads. Also, you are not allowed to collect any form of information such as email address from your readers.



so lets quickly dive into the advantages and disadvantages


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Advantages of


  • It has a free plan
  • It requires absolutely no coding Knowledge to get started
  • Your website or blog is adequately secured against hackers and web bugs.



Disadvantages of


  • It is extremely limited in term of function
  • There is a limited number of theme availiable for use and the themes are not impressive compared to others
  • You cannot monetize your blog on the free plan
  • You blog can be easily deleted when you neglect their terms and conditions
  • On the free plan you are required to use a sub domain as you cannot connect your custom domain name to it.
  • The paid plans are quite expensive compared to other software





I personally do not recommend anybody to stat their blog using because of the limitation which may lead to set back. Even the paid plan which come with a huge fee is also limited compared to other software that can be used for blogging.



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BLOGGER also called blogspot


The blogger platform was purchase by google and now serves as one of the best software to start a blog. To create a blog using blogger, all you need to do is visit and create your blogger account using your google mail (Gmail) account. It is free. At first, you are a given a sub domain name under but once you purchase your own domain name, you can connect it to your blogger blog easily.


Blogger also gives you the opportunity of monetizing your blog with what ever method you like including google adsense. You can also customize the look of your blog beyond any limits or even purchase and upload a payed template which would make your blog look classic, in fact, if you are just getting started, I would advise you use the blogger software.

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So let us look at the advantages and disadvantages





  • Blogger is free to get started and free for live.
  • It allows you to customize your blog easily.
  • You can upload a custom template.
  • It is extremely fast when it comes to page speed.
  • You can connect a custom domain name easily.
  • You can monetize your blog when it is hosted on blogger.
  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • You need little to no technical ,knowledge to run a blog built with blogger.
  • You can easily migrate your post, pages and media from blogger to any other platform you might use in the future.





  • It is far less powerful than which is the top blogging software in the world.
  • It has limited free templates unlike
  • You cannot add various features to your blog such as a membership area or e-commerce website.
  • You cannot access the raw codes of your website.





If you are just getting started in the blogging industry, blogger is a perfect choice to get you familiar with the online system. Needless to say that it is also free and you can start your blogging journey right now.


You can also get free custom templates from various code download website and easily download them and upload to your blog.



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WordPress is an open source software that can be easily insalled on any server. it is mostly said that wordpress powers over 80% of the blogs on the internet and over 60% of websites on the web.

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It is extremely powerful and can be easily customize and moved with a lot of added functionalities such as an e-commerce store, membership area, sign up page, online forums as well as chat rooms.


To use, you need to purchase a web hosting plan as well as a custom domain name, you can get both for a fair price at bluehost. after setting up your custom domain name and hosting plan, you will need to install the wordpress software, bluehost offers a one click installation of the software. after installing the software, you can then pick a theme you like from the theme menu.





  • The software itself is free.
  • It is extremely flexible
  • It requires no technical knowledge to use
  • Since it is built on PHP programming language, it extremely powerful.





  • You will need to purchase a web hosting plan and custom domain to use wordpress.
  • You will be required to update.
  • It is more adequate for a web professional.





There is definitely no doubt that is the best software for blogs and bloggers worldwide. So if you want to start blogging as a career, I would advise you use


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