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Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives


Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives

Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives

Do you produce content that are not accepted by Google AdSense? Or was your AdSense account banned for any reason? I guess you should pick some of these alternatives. AdSense is not the only way to make money online using ads. There are a lot of other ads networks available worldwide. I will handle pick all the ones which I feel are worthy of any kind of website you run. I’ll explain the top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives in this blog.


Let’s take a look.

Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives 1


It is the most popular and rewarding google AdSense alternative available on the web.  It is being powered by Yahoo and bing search engine. Its mode of operation is extremely similar to that of AdSense. As it serves contextual and banners ads on the website of its publishers. Like AdSense, you can also create your own custom display ads. Or let figure out the sizes that get you the best result which is similar to auto ads on AdSense. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $100 and they pay out monthly just like Google AdSense.






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Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives 2

Viglink late last year was rebranded to what is now called sovrn // commerce. Just like AdSense, it works usually contextual ads which means ads that match with the content of your post, for instance, if you write a post about SEO, it would be displaying ads like that of Moz and Semrush. However, there is a difference between viglink and AdSense in the sense that they do not place banners but instead automatically insert links into your post.

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This is extremely great as it offers the highest degree of native advertising without much work. So taking the example above again, if you write a post about keyword research and you mentions things like Moz and Semrush, viglink automatically converts such keywords which have being bought by advertisers to links. The minimum payout at viglink also called Sovrn //Commerce is just $10.









Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives 3


I first saw this advertising network when I got my first rejection mail from Google AdSense. They make use of very aggressive pop over and pop-under ads as the name implies. This would not be great from a decent website or blog as it presents the highest form of aggressive but I would highly recommend it for a free download website. The ads networks allow daily withdrawal with a minimum withdrawal of $10. Don’t be scared, they ensure that they monitor their systems and of course your website to reduce malware to a minimum level.










Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives 4


It is one reputable ads network that have being around for a long time now. In fact they offers a variety of ad in various formats such as


  • InText ads – this is one great technology AdSense doesn’t have till date. It has the ability to match the main keywords in your content with links. Now unlike viglinks the ad is not just a link as it will also show a display banner ads when a user hovers over the keyword.


  • InFold – if you got no affiliate banner to place on your website, you may want to consider using the notification bar-style ads that stick to the bottom or top of the screen on both desktop and mobile.
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  • InScreen – Just like what is found on apps and games, it is a popup interstitial that displays between page views. AdSense also makes use of this.


  • InFrame – Displays vertical ads on the unused side portion of your site on wide screens, this is however sometimes limited to desktops.


So if google AdSense rejected your offer, and you don’t have as much traffic for then I think you should go for infolinks


To crown it up, they have a minimum withdrawal threshold of $50.




Top 5 best Google Adsense alternatives 5

Well, this is listed as the last on my list today simply because of the fact that the mode of operation is quite different although it is also very lucrative.


Now you may want to ask what exactly I mean,  instead of automatically displaying contextual ads on your website buysellads let’s you list out your vacant ads spot in the form of an inventory that allows interested advertiser to bid for the slot to place ads on your site. For example, if your header ad spot that gets 150000 impressions (which can also be called views) a month, I can decide to offer it to an advertiser at the cost of  $800 a month”.


Then, advertisers can easily purchase that inventory through BuySellAds – it’s all automated. If you like the method compared to a pay per performance calculation done by AdSense you should consider giving BuySellAds a try. The only downside is that BuySellAds will only work with your site if you’re getting over 100,000 page views per month.

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Did you find something that interest you? If yes, congrats go check it out. However, be careful to make sure that your new ads implementation would not destroy your user experience which could lead to a drop in search ranking and therefore a decline in traffic.


So read their term and condition and also their mode of operation before trying them out.

Also don’t forget the rule, test, rebrand, and try again.


Good luck



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