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Google adsense

Google ads optimization best practices   Google Adsense is the top advertising media available for bloggers and publishers to automatically place and earn from ads on their website.   As the name implies, it is one of the biggest internet ads company and it is owned by google.   So today, I assume you are planning on having Adsense ads on your websites or perhaps you already have it displaying and...

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google one backup

How to backup your device using google Onedrive   I remember some time back when my device was stolen and I lost everyone of my picture, files and musics. Also apart from theft, changing your device can still lead to lost of some vital files.   This was the problem the founder of dropbox saw that lead to the building of an online cloud storage system.   So now hence forth...

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Huawei got caught in the middle of the US/China trade war and has been cut off from Google's apps and services for more than half a year now. That forced the company to quickly create a Google-less Android variant to ensure phones like the Mate 30 Pro could ship. Even though it looks like the US and China are coming to terms with each other...

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