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Qualities of a Great Website

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Qualities of a Great Website

Are you thinking of getting a website for your business soon, if yes, there are some important qualities you should look out for when hiring a web developer.

These qualities can go a long way in determining the success or failure of your online enterprise. So right now, I am going to list out for you the most important qualities that every website should have for maximum conversion.




There are various types of websites on the web today and even some are hybrid versions, meaning they combine two different types of websites under one URL.

So it is very important to the type of website you want, as being specific would allow the web designer, know exactly what to create for you.

Some of the most popular type of websites are:

  • Blogs
  • Business Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Portfolios
  • Portals

Just to know what each of these websites entail, you can visit this article of ours.

Now we can move to the qualities of a great website and what makes it tick.




The importance of page speed when it comes to any online business can never be over emphasized, as it remains the core.


Do you know that Amazon where about to increase sales by over a hundred percent by just reducing their website load time by one second?

People are impatient and they certainly don’t want to wait for one damn page to load.



This is why it is very important to get a great designer that would optimize your website for speed.

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If you got a website already, you can check the speed by using the google page speed tool which is a free tool.


Some of the factors that may affect page speed include, the web host, the design and theme of the website, the software used while building the website, the type of website as well as some other technical issues.




If you customers or web visitors are not comfortable while on your website, it will greatly increase the bounce rate (the rate at which people leave your website).



In the case of blogs, this would greatly affect your search engine  optimization otherwise called SEO and for online stores, it could lead to a decline in revenue.



That is why web designers charge so much because the attention they give to your website may be the major reason why it booms.

Having classical and carefully UI designs on your website would certainly have a lot of positive imparts.




Having all your webpages linked together is just as important as building them. User would not find it funny when they are stuck on a particular page or section of your website.


To make this easy, it is important to have at least two navigation bars or menu on your website and your blog posts should be carefully interlinked to each other.

A standard website ought to have at least two menus, one at the footer while the other one at the top of the website or header bar.

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I know if you are not web aligned, you may not really know what these things are, so I will try to break them download to the easiest way I can.


SEO is a term that stands for Search Engine Optimization and it involves the simple and complex processes that are taken for you website to rank above that of your competitors for a particular query on google search.



It is a really broad industry and I guess we should just keep the definition at that.

SCHEMA on the other hand is one of the numerous things that can greatly improve your SEO by telling google search bots what your website is all about.


However, the web designer or developer may charge and extra fee for these services.


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