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Pitching into the Internet Market

internet marketing

Pitching into the Internet Market

Pitching into the Internet Market

There’s no denial that Technology has penetrated literally every aspect of our lives and “The Internet ” as becoming an everyday phrase. The organizations google, youtube and its likes are now reflex verbs and the first places people go when they need information. For you and your business, this should be a golden Era as creating and promoting content has never gotten easier. I’ll be explaining about Pitching into the Internet Market throughout my blog.



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Concept of Pitching into the Internet Market

I understand they’re probably a thousand and one questions running through your mind right now. Questions like “ how and where can I do this? How and where can I promote my business to draw in more sales and traffic”. Well, thanks to Technology and the Internet. The intervention of Digital marketing and E-commerce has changed the game tremendously over the past few years.

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Internet marketing in Ghana

Commerce, also known as Electronic commerce or internet marketing refers to the trading of physical products virtually over the internet, or simply the buying and selling of products or services via the internet.


These products or services provided online over the internet including the transaction of money, funds and data are considered E-Commerce.


These business transactions can either be :


Business to customer(B2C).

In which case a business firm sells directly to a customer


Business to business(B2B).

in this case, the business transactions are usually between two firms. This type of transactions are mostly raw materials or wholesales purchases.

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Customer to business(C2B).

in which case a customer offers to make a product or service for a business. These services can either be a graphic logo , a website design or even less frequent than often, a physical product.


Customer to customer(C2C).


Through either of these, E-Commerce has changed the trading system globally for the very best. Some business perform this transactions over a website and most just stick to their social media platforms.


Now to answer the most pending questions , I’ve successfully started my business, how do I drive in traffic? How do I increase my sales like never before?


The answer I often render to that is a two words strategy which over the past few years has gotten a lot of businesses from ground zero to what they are now. This strategy which is referred to as Digital marketing.

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Internet marketing Solution

Digital marketing continues to be the fastest and most efficient way to reach your online customers. In general terms, it’s the advertisement of your business’s products or services on any internet platforms. In most cases, its also considered social-media marketing.


“Following a thoughtful digital marketing strategy is the key to growing your business “, as it is being said by great minds in the industry .


Some of this strategies which includes ;


Establishing a strong social media presence,


As a marketing tool, social media grows more powerful daily. And cannot be ignored on any occasion so as to maintain a steady and engaging relationship with your customers.


Publishing a frequent post that’s engaging and worth reading,


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Publishing a post often, is a perfect way to nurture and build a more engaging relationship with your customers. With this as a consistent habit, followers will find it add to pave you aside and gradually develop interest in your business’s products.


Leveraging the power of search engine optimization,


A business owner can spend all his money on advertising but yet see no return. Why? This is mostly because the business failed to narrow down a strong SEO strategy, thereby potential customers might never see them. You can start by researching the most researched keywords and write in-depth engaging posts on them.


Creating a lead magnet,


A lead magnet refers to a free download or a free products that allows you capture the interest of your customers. You as a business can decide to give out free PDF’s , Audio podcast or videos just to capture your audience then sell your real products afterwards.


Building a direct contact or email list.


Building a direct contact/ email list allows you as a business direct access to your potential customers. By doing this , your business would spend less or no money on advertising and you can easily sell your products to your customers easily.


Undoubtedly, with consistency executing all the above strategies will help you achieve your goals. It is very important to produce contents that is tailored to your customers and appears on what ever channel they spend more time on.


There are a few agencies in Ghana are ready to discuss and help you find a perfect direction and how to dive into internet marketing in Ghana.

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Such Agencies have professionals who are available to help you grow your business or start a profitable internet marketing business.


Pros Technology is a marketing agency that  has in-house professionals you can talk to anytime any day.


Talk to us.




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