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Improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting

SEO With Right Web Hosting

Improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting

Improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting


Very few people know that the web hosting they choose determines their site’s SEO performance. And the improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting tips is unknown to plenty of people. Web hosting looks after various parameters of SEO like visitor’s traffic and data security.

In this article, we will see 4 factors that define web hosting can improve SEO. If you are SEO professional, then you must be aware of a fact, that there are so many things you need to handle under SEO. There are different SEO parameters like links building, content creation, sitemaps, and robot.txt file.
Even now, newer parameters are added to the list such as voice search, featured snippet, website loading time, and mobile-first index.

Among all these, one factor gets neglected most of the time, and it is in-fact the most important one to be considered.

That is of course is ‘web hosting’.
Web hosting is directly related to the organic traffic growth, site speed, and also its uptime. These parameters are equally essential to make a website SEO healthy that can work over the internet without any limit.


Thus, to gain higher organic traffic you need to have a trustworthy unlimited web hosting partner that
will take responsibility of managing traffic spikes and bouncing rates of visitors.
Here are 4 factors you need to consider while buying a web hosting service.


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1) High Uptime
Uptime denotes the percentage of time your website remains active on the internet. Visitor’s behavior is
very difficult to predict as they can surf a site at any point in time. Thus, having a website with at least
99% uptime is a must, anything above it is always a good choice. Beware of some hosting providers that
claim to provide 100% uptime, and end up providing the worst service ever. So, select the genuine one
like MilesWeb that offers 99.95% uptime.

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2) Freedom
Web hosting is just a service that takes your website online. But, it should provide you to custom your
website as per your wish, rather than making it a rigid one. Like with MilesWeb’s hosting plan, you get 1
click installer that enables you to install over 400 applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal,etc.
Also, if you are a reseller then an unlimited reseller hosting plan must provide you 100% white label
service so that you can create your own brand.


3) Server Location The server location determines how quickly your website gets access to your customers. Suppose, you have a business in UK then, there is no need to select web hosting with servers located in USA. Ideally, the location of a datacenter should be the close location of its major targeted visitors. Also, to rank locally, you must select a datacenter location near to you, so if you have a business in UK and want to serve the majority of people in UK, then the right datacenter location for you would be UK only.

Also, server location can also look questionable to search engines that can affect SEO. If you operate in
one country and get hosting from a faraway place than SEO may find it as suspicious activity and may
block your site for it.

4) Reviews
Reviews are one of the best ways to select a web hosting partner. It helps you to understand what
people (web hosting users) think about the particular web hosting company. In reviews, many people
share their experience with the pros and cons of the company.

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If you think, some of the reviews are misguiding you, then you can search for titles like ‘top 10 web
hosting providers’ and all. But, in such cases, the possibility is that the same names are suggested in the
answer. In-fact you miss out on some of the small or mid-size web hosting providers that actually
provide better services than the big brands.

5) Strong Technical Support
Technical support is the backbone of every website. Not every website owner is technically skilled and
can handle technical errors on its own. In such cases, technical support comes for a rescue, where they
take the responsibility of solving your website’s technical issues. As the website works 24/7, make sure
that the technical support team of your web hosting company also works for 24/7.
For all the above-mentioned points, you must have realized that web hosting is actually an important
parameter of SEO.


Do you have an SEO hosting friendly website?
If, not, reach out to MilesWeb now, and get your online business to new heights.


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