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How To Set Up & Use Zoom


How To Set Up & Use Zoom

How do you use zoom to set up a meeting?


Video conferencing tools can make both your personal and professional liaison increasingly efficient, and save you time and effort. That is, of course, if you segregate the right tool to use.



Traditionally, people have been choosing Skype as their go-to software when it comes to telecommunications. But while it’s a unconfined easy-to-use app, it moreover comes with unrepealable limitations, like having to pay for some essential features or the unnecessary complicated process of waffly your Skype name.



How To Set Up & Use Zoom 1

If you’re considering migrating from Skype to a variegated video priming service, take a squint at its biggest competitor Zoom.



The main reasons to segregate it over other software include the ease of use, unseemly price, and of undertow the fact that only one person needs to download the software in order to create the meeting. Everyone else can simply follow the link and jump on it without any hassle.



How To Set Up Zoom


By far the most lulu full-length that Zoom has is the user worthiness to join a meeting without having to install any software or go through the registration process at all.

However, when you’re the one creating a Zoom meeting you will still have to set it up and invite other participants.

In order to get started with setting up Zoom, follow these steps:



How To Set Up & Use Zoom 2


  • Head over the the app’s main website and create an account. On the website, click on the Sign Up sawed-off in the upper right corner, enter your email, or use your Facebook or Google worth to sign in.
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How To Set Up & Use Zoom 3



  • Once you personize your email address, follow the link when to Zoom’s website and enter your contact details.



How To Set Up & Use Zoom 4



  • The next screen will take you to the Invite Colleagues page, where you can invite people to join your Zoom contact list. You can either fill in their details or skip this step to do it later.


How To Set Up & Use Zoom 5



  • The next step is starting your first meeting to test the software. Click the Start Meeting Now sawed-off on the screen, and it will prompt the app’s download.


How To Set Up & Use Zoom 6



  • Once the download is finished, open the app and sign into your account. You will then be presented with options to start a new meeting, join an once existing meeting, schedule a meeting, or share a screen with your contacts.



When you finish your first Zoom video conference, you can start using the app fully. As we mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of using Zoom is that other users don’t have to download the app or register on the website to join your meetings.









How to Use Zoom Like a Pro


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How To Set Up & Use Zoom 7



When you start using Zoom, you’ll see how intuitive the app is and how easy it is to set up and organize video meetings using this software. However, there are a few essential tips that you can use to make largest use of this app and make your teamwork plane increasingly efficient.



Record Your Meetings For Future Use


Zoom allows you to record your video calls and save them for future use. This is a  full-length that you’ll find handy for sharing the contents of your meetings with people who couldn’t shepherd them.



You can segregate to save the video locally on your computer or in Zoom’s deject storage. You’ll find the option to record and save your call in your desktop and web app under My Meeting Settings.



Create Your Meeting’s Attendance Sheet  


With Zoom you can generate every meeting’s attendance sheet and alimony it for future reference. You will find that information in the report automatically generated without your call is finished.



In order to find that list, go to the Zoom Meetings tab, and search for Reports. Alimony in mind that in order to get the attendee list you’re required to be the host of that meeting.



Use The Annotation Tool While Screen Sharing


In wing to stuff a unconfined video liaison software, Zoom is moreover an spanking-new screen sharing app. In wing to the worthiness to see each other’s screen, thanks to the voice-over tool, Zoom users can yank on the displayed screen and write comments by highlighting the important parts of it.

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That way you can requite each other instant feedback on the issues discussed.



To wangle that tool while screen sharing, click on View Options on the top of the screen and segregate Annotate.



Use Keyboard Shortcuts


If you want to save time and become a power user, learning keyboard shortcuts is always a great place to start. Zoom is no exception to that rule.



If you use this app on a regular basis, these few shortcuts will save you lots of time.



  • Cmd + I (for Mac) or Alt + I (for Windows) will take you straight to the Invite window.
  • Cmd + Ctrl + M (for Mac) or Alt + M (for Windows) will mute everyone at the meeting (if you’re the meeting host).
  • Cmd + Shift + S (for Mac) or Alt + Shift + S (for Windows) will begin screen sharing.



Zoom vs Skype


How To Set Up & Use Zoom 8

While both Skype and Zoom are unconfined collaboration tools for remote teams, neither of them is perfect. Meaning you might have to try both and see which one works largest for you and your team specifically.



While both Skype and Zoom are unconfined collaboration tools for remote teams, neither of them is perfect. Meaning you might have to try both and see which one works largest for you and your team specifically.



If you’ve once made the nomination what video liaison software is weightier for you, tell us: are you team Zoom or team Skype? Share your thoughts and opinions in the scuttlebutt section below.



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