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How To Locally Install WordPress On Your PC


How To Locally Install WordPress On Your PC

There are so many reasons why you would have to install wordpress on your personal computer and believe me that as a blogger or wordpress programmer, you would surely need wordpress locally installed on your laptop or desktop.


There are a lot of benefits of installing wordpress on your local system which include


  • You would be able to test any wordpress plugin locally before uploading and installing it on your live website.
  • You would be able to test any wordpress theme or customization feature locally on your PC before trying it out on your live website.
  • You would be able to write search engine optimized articles and blog posts for your blog offline without logging in into your wordpress dashboard.



How To Locally Install Wordpress On Your PC 1


There are also a lot more advantages which you would enjoy by installing wordpress locally on your system.


As for the disadvantages, personally, I have not being able to set my eyes on any of them. So you stand at nothing to loss.


So let quickly dive in to the requirements your computer system as to meet in order to have wordpress functioning on it


  • Your computer system has to have at least 2GB RAM. The higher the RAM, the stronger and faster the performance.
  • I mostly recommend that you have at least 400mb of internal storage before installing wordpress locally, this is because, the wordpress software we are going to download does not come with the various plugins and themes that come with wordpress, so you would have to install them locally and it will also require storage space.
  • If you use an online anti virus system, you may have to require access before the wordpress software will require access to temper and alter with your databases as well as your control command.
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Now, if your computer system as met the following requirements, we will then move on to the steps to installing wordpress locally.


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The first step is to download the wordpress software from the internet, the name of the software is called BITNAMI WORDPRESS. This software is configured to allow us run wordpress on our computer.


To download the software go to


The software file is about 120mb so you can easily download it.


Bitnami has made it possible to have wordpress locally on your PC irrespective of the operating system. So simply download the software that matches your operating system.





To install the wordpress software we have just downloaded, click on the file and a dialogue box will pop up.


How To Locally Install Wordpress On Your PC 2


Continue clicking NEXT until you see something like this


How To Locally Install Wordpress On Your PC 3


You can then enter your real name, functional email address.


For the other part, enter your wordpress username in the spaced tagged login and your password below. After that continue clicking next


Congrats, you have successfully installed wordpress locally on your computer.





To access your wordpress, simply go to your browser and visit your local ip, you can go this by simply typing “localhost/wordpress” on your address bar, this would show you the front end of your wordpress website.

To access your wordpress dashboard, you can visit “localhost/wordpress/login”.

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Like I said earlier, this wordpress does not come with all your plugins and themes, so to get a theme or plugin on your locally hosted wordpress, got to the official wordpress website which is and download the required theme or plugin. You can then upload the theme or plugin to your locally installed wordpress.


Also, you may need to migrate a page, post or your entire website to a live server, you can easily do so using the import and export tool in the tool section of your wordpress dashboard.


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