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How To Backup Your Device Using Google One

google one backup

How To Backup Your Device Using Google One

How to backup your device using google Onedrive


I remember some time back when my device was stolen and I lost everyone of my picture, files and musics. Also apart from theft, changing your device can still lead to lost of some vital files.


This was the problem the founder of dropbox saw that lead to the building of an online cloud storage system.


So now hence forth i would advise you not to store precious files or documents in an hard drive because they can get burnt or probably even get damaged with time, learn to store your files in an online server. There are many advantages of storing your files in an online server and they include


  • Your files is stored safely so they cannot be stolen or destroyed.
  • Your files can be access from any device in any remote area which makes them easily accessible even when you are out of the country.
  • You can sync a lot of devices to the same server thereby making them accessible from any of your device.


So now that we have agreed that it better, let us get started with the process involved



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Every Gmail account (google account) you open comes with 15gb of free storage space which can be accessed via google drive, google photos and other google cloud storage apps.


However, if you are like me that have precious files that exceed 15 gb storage, you would need to upgrade to a premium plan where more storage space will be allocated to your google account.

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To do this, you would have to download the google one app from the google play store and then opt in to a pricing place.


Below is some of the pricing plans available on google one


100GB $1.99 $19.99
200GB $2.99 $29.99
2TB $9.99 $99.99
10TB $99.99
20TB $199.99
30TB $299.99




After installing and launching the mobile app, it prompts you to back all the various categories of your files such as multimedia, photos and contacts, once you accept it tap next


As usually, you will be asked to grant the access for google one to access your files and multimedia



How To Backup Your Device Using Google One 1




After that, you will see a screen similar to that below that will display a blue BACKUP NOW button at the button of the page and beside it is a button that allows you to see the details of the backup.


How To Backup Your Device Using Google One 2



Simply click backup now to beginning the backup process, please not that your data connection has to be on to begin the process.





So if your phone or laptop got stolen and you want to recover back your files to a new device, as long as it is android, it is built to enhance and make the process extremely easy.

Just go into your Google account panel and click on BACKUP you previously created, next select the items (multimedia, pictures, files and contacts) you wan to import to the new device and after that tap on RESTORE.

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How To Backup Your Device Using Google One 3



With this single process, you will not need to loss any single whenever you want to replace your device due to any reason whatsoever.



I strongly recommend using google one because your files are stored on google’s servers making it save and always accessible worldwide.



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