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How To Add Product Categories to Your Ecommerce and WordPress Website

Add Product Categories

How To Add Product Categories to Your Ecommerce and WordPress Website



– How to create categories

– How to create sub-categories

– How to assign products to categories and sub categories

– How to add you Categories to your Menu

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Hi guys today we are going to see how you can create product categories to your e-commerce website let’s say you have an e-commerce website and you have products like this on the website and now we decide to create categories like this okay so basically when you click on the main you want it to display all the products in the main category and basically that is how we are going to create some of the categories and then you can do this


by the end of watching this video anyone who sees your website will be able to find the product they want as early as explain this you can check my other videos how to create e-commerce website that’s it’s it’s for people to easily identify items when they come on your website so it’s very important that you create such categories on your e-commerce website once you have created e-commerce website


you can follow this so to create without categories these are the three steps to see how we are going to add this product categories in these three steps here is an example of product on our website but there are no there are no product categories to show you to add your product categories you go to your dashboard and then you go to products and then you click on your categories so a new page will pop up and then enter the name of your category you want to create for the particular products you have so we are going to create a category called main we click on add new category now as you can see any category has been created called so in the same way you can create as many as categories you want so the next i’m going to read another table called women okay so you enter there and then you add it to the categories

so we have the woman categories created successfully there and then once i have created the categories if you go here and click view you should get you should be able to see a category is created so this is an empty category it is not there is no product which has been assigned to this category okay this means that the category does not have any product assigned to them so now we go to the step two of this tutorial which is to add products to your categories that is first you create categories and then second add product to the category so through adding the product you assign categories to the product or you are selling products to categories you come to products and then you click on all products you see all the products you have on your website.


so first you need to select the products you want to assign category to the categories have been created and then you have also created the product already and so you assume that this product you have rightly do not have not been assigned to categories remember in the beginning i said that you have an e-commerce website and then we have product available on the website.


so uh this product on the website has not been assigned to any categories yet and we want to create some new categories and i signed a product to them and that is how can we have this product listed here okay so let’s continue so first you need to select the product which you want to add to your categories that you have created which is the main and the woman categories okay so i’m going to select this products for now and then to assign them to the categories that i’ve created okay now these are the products so once i’ve selected the product click on block okay and click on edit

and then click on apply

okay now here you need to select the categories in which you want to add this product this particular product that you’ve selected okay i’m going to add the product until the main categories so you select them okay so after that i click on update

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so now my product has been added to the categories to the main category so you can see the category that main categories have been added to this product let’s go to the website and then so as you can see we don’t have any product here on this main category page.


so let’s see what happens number first and then see what happens okay now you guys see that we now have the products in our category in the main category so this is how we can add product to the categories the same way we would add product to the woman category we created earlier okay so let’s continue watching let’s see how this can be done so we go to the dashboard and then you click on products and then you select the products you want to add to the woman category just like we did earlier for the main category so i’m going to select this cat this product for now to assign to my woman category so like we did before they click on box and then select edit

and then click on apply

now here you set it you select the category you want to use which is the woman category and then you click on update to assign the product to the category and there you are you have successfully added this product to the woman okay now we go to our website again and then we

click on home to be able to have access to

to that to the woman category now you can see that our categories are not showing in the menu so how do we add step 3 we are going to add categories to your menu then once the menus are showing in once the categories are showing in the menu column click on it and then you give the product let’s go to the wordpress dashboard and then go to appearance customize customize this is what we have you go to the menu


and then click on main menu okay so to be able to have access to the main menu on our website so here you’ll be able to see the main menu that we have on our website and grab the categories in the main menu we click on add items

and then we select our product categories okay so here we select we select the category we want to add to the menu so i’m going to pick this categories to show in my menu so to save the changes click on publish to be able to display them on their website like you can see as soon as you select the categories you can add that to your menu like this as you can see there so when you go back to the main website


and click on refresh you will see the changes affecting the website okay so you can see the men and women categories so you now have the categories and i mean so if you click on men now you notice that that items are the products are shown for only men now if you click on women categories here you can see that only items of women will show on our website so that is how to display the product categories okay and now the customers will be able to is get you this product using this categories okay


so now let’s say you want to just display these categories on another location of our website so we want to add the categories our sidebar so to be able to display the categories in the sidebar first of all you need to enable the sidebar on your stop page so to enable this this is what you’re doing to you click on customize from here and then you can go to the sidebar okay

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and then as depending on the type of team that you have this has only things that you do and like i said you need to go through your documentation to be able to understand some of these things to be able to easily understand okay so this thing this is how it works you can find your sidebar here also in the folder from here you will go on the sidebar to show on our left side so we activate it from here and as soon as we select you can see that sidebar has created the space there

we click over and then click the widget and the widget to help us to be able to insert the categories you want so you click on the rule from the sidebar and click the add widget to add the widget the feature that we want to add so here we look for product categories widget and then you get that feature over there and then you click on it to be able to show it there so once it drops it you can see that you now have the sidewalk product categories so you need to save it remember anything you do you need to save it so you click on publish to be able to save this that you have done now let’s go to the website let’s see um


see what we’ve done if it will take effect okay

so now you can see we have a product category display on our sidebar the website so this is how you you display your product categories on the sidebar of your e-commerce website now if you see here we have the default category in our sidebar or in the list of our categories of our product categories which is called one categorize now all categories have already explained


it all right i did explain this earlier on that it’s a product that you guys you you forget to add un assign a category to a product and then you publish there you publish the product this product automatically goes into the on one categorize because it looks like yeah you do not know what to choose or which categories which category to choose for your product or you don’t know


what you are doing and so the system decides to save this product that you have posted on your website into the uncategorized category and then sometimes to if you forget it it means that the system has to have a default option for you because the system do not know where to place it for you because you forgot to choose a category so the system automatically drops it into the uncategorized


category now what we are going to do is that we are going to rename this uncategorized category to something else that will be able to make sense in case and we forget to we forget to add a category to our product we are going to change the category name to our changes go to our


dashboard and go to product and we go to categories so you go to product and you select the categories here you can see in the uncategorized over there you can see that we have a lot of products on on categorized cutting board so we click on edit to be able to make changes to the name and then you change your name to all products and then you update it that means you click on update to make the changes now you can see so now you can see that you have to change the category you need to from all categories to all products now if you go to app store create and then you you check the name we change as you refresh it so you refresh it and then you see how it changes from it you know so the default category okay


so next thing we are going to do is to create sub categories on the website like like this let’s say you have a set of categories underneath and you want to create a separate category for those products which is choose okay so you drop it under men you can do that easy right clicking subtitles for the main category which is the main so the subcategory will be choose so to create this category sub categories so go back to the dashboard and then you click on products and then you click on categories okay

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now here you enter the new subcategory name you want to use okay so you want to use choose so then let’s you need to choose under which parent category you want to add the sub category to so parent category is the main category created to main category so i select here and


then i pick my main category so once i click on admin you can see that the new sub category has been created now you can see that because it’s under the the shoes and it’s a sub category and it’s under the main category which is the main so you go here and then you click on refresh to refresh the page and now let’s see what happens you can see here that our our subcategory which is showing


over here so this is how you create a new sub category on the e-commerce website or any website you are creating and if you click on the shoes you should be able to display all products that are under the source so you can see that we don’t have any product on our sub category


so we can also assign categories you can also assign product to the subcategory we just add the product let’s go to our dashboard once again and then we click our products and then we look for shoes so we look for men choose to identify shoes that are for men only you click on board and click on edit and then you click on apply okay now you select the sub category issues which is


under the main that we want to assign this product to okay after that you click on update and then this item should be assigned to the subcategory shoes okay so so now you go to the main website and see how it looks like so you refresh the page and then this is what happens we have our we now have our product in the sub category so we have our shoes items or shoe products in our sub categories

so once you have added the product to the sub categories how do you make a sub category visible to your customers now next this is what happens now let’s see how you can add this i’ve got to go to the drop down menu let’s click on customize and then click on menu then click on menu now click your add items


so you select on product categories and then you select your sub category which is shoes and then what do you do

so it has been added to the list of men that remember i showed you how to do this have you dragged this shoes got some subcategories and then you drag it below the main category you publish it okay and go to the main website and see how it went going to work over here so you


refresh it you refresh the website okay now you can see you have a drop down option for your main category and then you go there and then you drop down to the shoes and you click on the shoes you can see that when i have the product on the subtitles or shoes highly


now you know how to add a category subcategory and add a product the category to the product in your e-commerce website now i will i’ve recreated more videos like i said earlier make sure you subscribe to this youtube channel make sure you comment below if you have any topic you want me to make a video of you comment below thank you very much.


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