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GPS Tracking Device

tracking platform

GPS Tracking Device

How to detect a gps tracking device on my car


  • Global Positioning System means GPS which are systems developed to provide the precise location, velocity data, and global time for land sea and Air travel. GPS Tracker as it is popularly called works with other components to be able to function, the GPS tracker is the device itself that comes in different forms and sizes.


  • There has been a lot of misconception that the GPS tracker relies on satellite to communicate location data. The truth is, the GPS Tracker calculates the speed, location data, and directions using multiple GPS satellites, then makes the results available through a mobile network. It takes the capability of the mobile network to transmit real-time data and information like SMS alerts, voice, and so on…



  • Large business and government agencies are exceptional to the rule: Pure Satellite trackers calculate and provide reports through a “Satellite” for tracking of large assets in areas where there is little or no network available.



  • GPS trackers mostly incorporate the services of mobile networks and satellites to transmit data in Ghana.



  • Most Ghanaians use GPS tracking just to monitor their vehicles but there is more to it than you think, stay with me as we delve into GPS tracking in Ghana.



As stated earlier, GPS Tracking devices are not stand-alone, but work with other elements to set it into motion for it to be fully functional, these are:

1. Satellite

2. Sim Card from any Mobile network

3. GPS Tracking Platform

4. Installer



GPS Tracking Device 1






  • When a GPS tracker receives location information from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), it is receiving microwave signals containing location, speed, time, and direction information. As of February 2016, there are 32 satellites in the GPS constellation (though only 31 are in use).


  • To report data accurately, the GPS requires a minimum of four satellites transmitting information to a receiver (tracker). At any given time, from any point on earth, there are about nine satellites visible from the ground (see this handy animation for a visual representation), providing a fair amount of redundancy in the information.
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  • The receiver uses the information from multiple satellites to triangulate a location (as well as speed, time, and direction) based on variances in time. Each GPS satellite carries an extremely stable atomic clock which it uses as a baseline to calculate these variances.





  • Once that location information is received by the GPS tracker, the information is transmitted at set intervals using radio frequencies over the cellular network. Many reports are received per minute; though this could be set to report less frequently to preserve battery life, or more frequently to provide more accurate location information (though one-minute updates are usually more than enough to pinpoint a tracker’s trajectory and current location).


  • Since the signals are generated by the mobile networks, an optimal analysis must be conducted in determining a good mobile network which can give better network signals.


  • Other factors like poor network and weather conditions need to be taken into consideration. For instance, if a vehicle has been instructed not to leave a certain area, for example, Accra, it is very important to choose the best network in Accra to prevent disconnections.


  • Remember, choosing a good network can help you get better real-time tracking data and fast SMS alerts from GPS devices.


  • Sim card management is one of the major issues in using GPS tracking systems, the Sim card uses airtime or credits to communicate to the satellite and also to send SMS alerts through the aid of the GPS tracking device. For this purpose we should know that in case there is no airtime or credit on the sim card, communication or sending of SMS is impossible.



  • Also, every Sim card expires in 3 months if not in use, if you have a sim card in your GPS tracking device and it does not communicate or send SMS for 3 months it is considered as not in use and so, therefore, the line will be blocked.


  • There are several GPS companies available to help you manage your business or cars for a token, it’s better if you sign an agreement with any of them to help you.


  • From our research, there are several GPS tracking companies in the GPS industry that have existed for over 5 years with professional installers who have been trained in Russia, China, and South Africa.


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So no need to fear, feel free to contact any of them.



tracking platform




  • These platforms are built by professional developers to better help the satellite and GSM deliver data through maps, the platform communicates with a huge server which is connected to the satellite to locate the GPS tracking device to give you real-time tracking.


  • The platform varies in functionalities and comes in different forms, which are:


  • The desktop version and the Mobile version which is also known as GPS tracking App, while some platform comes with a Demo version.



Types of Platforms


  • Fleet management:
  • Fleet management GPS tracking platform is an advanced GPS platform that allows the creation of vehicles in groups on the same platform at a go.


  • This means that this particular platform can contain several vehicles in groups under separate user names while the


  • Single management: Simply accept just one user account at the time.


  • Some GPS platforms have an in-built Diagnostic System, which uses a GPS Tracking device to scan the vehicle and generate reports daily. Also look out for that, in case you are looking for such a system to help you monitor the vehicle to avoid frequent visits to the mechanic shop.


gps-tracking fleet




Installers are the technicians who have been professionally trained to install and manage GPS tracking Devices.


To the best of my knowledge, GPS tracking device installers also play a major role in the performance of the tracking device, the GPS cable is supposed to be carefully laid and covered. Also, the device should be properly fixed to receive accurate signals from the satellite.


Note: Not all Auto Electricians are GPS tracker installers, they need to be trained by professionals to qualify.

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If GPS tracking devices are not properly fixed in the vehicle, it can cause serious damage to the vehicle, through GPS overheating and a lot more…





  • Here is the list of standard functions of a GPS Tracking device you should know:


  • Real-time tracking


  • History playback


  • Geofence


  • Engine Cut off / On


  • Voice Monitoring


  • SMS alert



gps tracker strip




The answer is yes! 4 years ago an experiment was conducted to know if a GPS tracker could function perfectly without experiencing any technical issues in a motorbike, even though we had available the type the was meant for motorbikes.


The report indicated that GPS trackers can perfectly work in motorbikes with the help of a professional installation without any technical problems. It’s still recommended to go for GPS trackers meant for motorbikes when dealing with one though.





  • It involves:


  • Monitoring


  • Laying of cables


  • Installation of the GPS tracking device


  • SIM card installation


  • SIM card Configuration


  • Platform setup


  • GPS tracker configuration on the platform





  • GPS Small tracking chips for tools


  • GPS tracker for tracking kids / Children


  • GPS TRACKING APP for Android and iPhones


  • GPS tracking for dogs and cats


  • GPS Tracking Bracelet for dementia patients


gps tracker


  • Ghanaians are beginning to value vehicle security the more, and for this reason, the GPS business is gradually growing. In the next article, how to start a GPS tracking business in Ghana shall be discussed in better detail; its requirements, budgeting, and management.


  • I believe this article is going to help you make a better decision when choosing a GPS tracking system for your business or vehicle.


  • Thank you for taking the time to read. Please share and let others gain this knowledge too.


  • If you have any questions or comments please drop it in the comment session. I will be very happy to respond.



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