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Google Adsense Best Practices

Google adsense

Google Adsense Best Practices

Google ads optimization best practices


Google Adsense is the top advertising media available for bloggers and publishers to automatically place and earn from ads on their website.


As the name implies, it is one of the biggest internet ads company and it is owned by google.


So today, I assume you are planning on having Adsense ads on your websites or perhaps you already have it displaying and you are interested in knowing the best practices for your website, a lot of them tend to be the major reasons why people get their Adsense account banned by Google Adsense while neglecting some others may lead to Adsense placing an ads limit on your blog.


So without wasting anymore time, let us get started






This is sort of like a criminal offense when it comes to working with Google Adsense and they would not hesitate to immediately ban your Google Adsense account for life after detecting such dubious acts.

I know it can be extremely tempting to click on your ads and then see the money displayed on your Adsense dashboard but it does not matter how smart you are, Google will surely catch up with you.


Think of it, this is the largest tech company in the world and they have being said to have the largest computing power the world has ever known, certainly, you cannot trick them and go away with it freely.


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Once in a while, google is going to send a manual reviewer to your website to check if in any way you encourage people to click on your ads. Any form of writing that tells your audience either directly or indirectly to click on your ads will result in your Adsense account being banned.


A lot of people run a pay per click program on their blog where they pay their readers depending on the amount of click they make on the ads on their blog, if you do this, they are surely going to ban you from the rest of your life from using the program.

Google Adsense is the most prestigious ads network for publisher worldwide and getting banned for life will be the last thing you would want.






A lot of tech bloggers who are familiar with programming always take it as a good practice to alter the ads display code given to them by Google Adsense, once you do so, you expose your account to receiving a ban.


Google made it extremely clear in their terms of service that publishers should place the code as they see it and make no alteration of any kind to it. So stick by the rules and you would have no problem with them.






Although Google Adsense gives you the freedom of placing as many ads code on a single page, you must know that placing an outrageous amount of ads on a single page with poor contents will lead to an ads limit being served on your website.

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Place ads only where necessary and I would recommend nothing more than 3 ads unit for an article with less than a thousand words of contents.


You can also auto regulate the process why using the google auto ads technology to get things set up, google is in the best position to tell you how things should be done, so letting them do it by themselves is a great way to make progress.



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Once you got Adsense running on your blog, there are a lot of other things that should not be done on your website in other no to violate the Adsense program policy and one of them is employing the use of some other ads networks whose terms and conditions clearly distorts that of Google Adsense.


Pop under and Pop over ads are strictly not to be used on a website with Google Adsense, this is because they destroy user experience, in fact, no other banner display ads unless they are private ads and not from ads networks should be placed on your website.


Google Adsense is more than enough to monetize your contents when you talk of ads, so kindly stick with it.


You can also use a lot of AI tools and services such as ezoic, mediavine and adthrive to improve the performance and conversion rate of your ads units.


If you have keep to all these rules above, be rest assured that you are going to have a safe ride with Google Adsense. Also do ensure that you only possess a single Google Adsense account as Google Adsense is strictly against the use of multiple accounts.

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