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Facebook pressures Clearview AI over photo scraping


Facebook pressures Clearview AI over photo scraping

A spokesperson for Facebook told Buzzfeed News that it has sent “multiple letters” to Clearview asking that it cease and desist scraping “data, images and media” from Facebook itself and from Instagram (which it also owns) and restating its policies as well as asking for further details about their work and activities.

YouTube and Venmo also say they have sent or are sending cease and desist letters to Clearview.

Twitter told the company back on Jan. 21, according to a New York Times report, to stop scraping images on the platform, which is a violation of their terms of service, and to delete any data collected so far.

Even if Clearview complies with all deletion requests, the question remains of how much of that scraped data remains in some way in their systems — if, even once deleted from the database, the AI can still use what it’s learned from those images in future applications and searches.

Clearview claims it’s scraped over 3 billion publicly available images from websites and social platforms, using sources ranging from company websites to faces in the blurry background of gym selfies, and can now identify just about anyone.

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