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wordpress plugins

If you intend starting a blog, after purchasing your hosting plan and domain you would need to install one of the most popular blogging content management software (CMS) which is WordPress. Now after that, you would notice that there are tons of plugins available for you to install and it might be tempting to install as many as pleases you but this is dangerous. You must be...

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SEO With Right Web Hosting

Improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting Very few people know that the web hosting they choose determines their site’s SEO performance. Webhosting looks after various parameters of SEO like visitor’s traffic and data security.In this article, we will see 4 factors that define web hosting can improve SEO.If you are SEO professional, then you must be aware of a fact, that there are so many...

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Domain Hosting

Domain Cost, Web hosting Cost and Website development pricing in Ghana . As technology is growing and gradually creeping into business industries in Ghana and Africa as a whole, statistics show that business growth in technology has really increased since the last Decade.Which means a vast number of companies in Ghana are now diving into technology and breaking barriers through the internet, which leads to business growth...

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