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Google chrome extensions

Google chrome extensions by Google has ease life for so many people online. Chrome is a wonderful browser, it`s fast and well designed with nice features. Working as a digital marketer, you try to accomplish your goal as soon as possible. millions of people are working every minute to rank better, collect leads, break news and continue the circle. Google chrome extensions by Google developed it`s chrome...

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The best free SEO plugin for WordPress crown is yet to be decided. There are about 49 pages of 1000 SEO plugins to choose from when working on your WordPress website. Digital marketers and SEO specialists have found it difficult to satisfy the constantly changing Google algorithms. With Yoast SEO WordPress plugin, millions of users with the help of other plugins (tools) was able to support...

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Nothing gives bloggers more nightmare than a rejection mail from Google AdSense, especially when you have a lot of traffic and you virtually sit down each day and watch your traffic waste away gradually. If you have gotten that mail a couple of times, you should have asked, why is Google AdSense declining my application? The answer to your question is not far fetched as in...

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internet marketing

There’s no denial that Technology has penetrated literally every aspects of our lives and “The Internet ” as become an everyday phrase.   The organizations google, youtube and its likes are now reflex verbs and the first places people go when they need information. For you and your business, this should be a golden Era as creating and promoting contents has never gotten easier. . ALSO READ: Improve Your...

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SEO With Right Web Hosting

Improve Your SEO With Right Web Hosting Very few people know that the web hosting they choose determines their site’s SEO performance. Webhosting looks after various parameters of SEO like visitor’s traffic and data security.In this article, we will see 4 factors that define web hosting can improve SEO.If you are SEO professional, then you must be aware of a fact, that there are so many...

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Send sms from gmail

You can send SMS text messages to any contact in your Gmail address book right from the Gmail website. To enable SMS services in your Gmail, go to your Gmail Labs settings page and enable the Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat feature. . To send an SMS from Gmail, first enter a contact’s name in the search box of the Gmail chat window and select Send SMS. Then...

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File sharing

Using sound and light to generate ultra-fast data transfer is quite a fascinating achievement. This is revolutionary because data can now move faster and thus improve the speed at which individuals and organizations share information among each other. Researchers have made a breakthrough in the control of terahertz quantum cascade lasers, which could lead to the transmission of data at the rate of 100 gigabits...

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