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Best Digital Products idea to make money online 2020

digital products

Best Digital Products idea to make money online 2020

Best Digital Products idea to make money online 2020

Do you have a following and you are willing to sell something to them but you don’t have the time to ship goods and handle inventory. Why not start selling digital products. Digital products need no inventory-taking, no manufacturing process, and no shipping. 

One great thing I love about digital products is that they only have to create the product once and you can then sell it over a million times.  What that implies is that you can spend a couple of hours now and create a digital product within the confines of your house (and something, it requires no capital) and generate revenue from it till the end of time. An of course, there is nothing like profit when it comes to digital products as everything is simply yours.

 So today, I am going to show you a handful of digital products you can create for your audience. And the Best Digital Products idea to make money online 2020.


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Digital product 1: E-books


The market demand for e-book is becoming more and more demanding as the clock clicks. Many people are purchasing ebooks to learn new skills and techniques on a daily basis. Now you may ask, what exactly should be in my ebooks that would not be found on Google? Anything! Just put something up, especially something you consider yourself an expert in. You create your ebook using Microsoft word or any other document editing application and you can deliver your ebook in a PDF format. You can also sell your ebooks on Amazon Kindle to reach a larger audience.

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Digital product 2 : Online courses


Online courses as the name implies are simply courses that are based online. If you have an expertise and you are getting a lot of people consulting you on a certain topic, why not create a course about it and offer it for sale to who so ever is interested. They are courses that go for as high as $1200. Yes, just one course. If you are using wordpress, you can easily create a course using plugins like learndash or lifters. You can also publish your courses on udemy or Lynda.


Digital product 3 : WordPress themes and plugins.


WordPress has become to widely used that it powers over 60% of the websites on the internet today and there is an every increasing demand for WordPress themes admnd plugins.


So if you have an in-depth knowledge on html, css and php which is the core programming language of WordPress, you may want to consider developing a theme or plugin and selling it.


You can trade your theme or plugins on themeforest or envato market to get up to thousand of buyers with minimal efforts.


However, if you have a burning idea but you don’t know how to code, you may want to hire a developer on upwork to kickstart the project for you.


Digital product 4 : mobile application.


Do you have an idea, why not create an app around your  idea. With over one third of the world population using a mobile phone, the possibility is endless. 


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To create an app you would need to have knowledge of Android or iOS coding will give you an advantage but it’s not necessary. Nowadays there are many online app maker tools available online using which you can create professional level apps without coding.


Here’s the list of few popular app maker tools:





Once you create your application, you can either choose to give it out for free and make money through advertising or affiliate marketing or sell access to it.


Digital product 5 : Stock photos.


High-quality, premium photos are one of the most sought-after digital products today. The biggest consumers of online photographs are bloggers and website owners.


It’s true that stock photography has commoditised the market to the point where some photos are sold for less than they are worth (or they are given away for free). However, for truly spectacular images (and not some of the cheesy stuff you’ll find on stock websites), photographers can still command fair prices.


One of the biggest downfalls of stock sites from a customer perspective is not knowing exactly how much one or two images are. In some cases, a membership to the stock photo site is required. If you’re a photographer, you can combat stock photo sites by selling your images on your own website for the price you want (and undoubtedly deserve).


A website is a vital part of a photographer’s portfolio. Showcasing your work beautifully is imperative to raising your profile. With competitive pricing, and excellent quality images, it’s possible to do very well selling your independent or client-commissioned photos on your own website.

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Digital product 6 : Softwares.


Although plugins and themes are part of softwares, you can also get above WordPress.


The software industry is enormous and consistently growing. It is also extremely ripe with opportunities. Any person’s ability to write code of any kind can result in new, useful products. Whether it be desktop software, web-based applications, website templates, mobile apps, video games, or anything else powered by code. The possibilities are endless, and an established market likely exists.


Digital product 7 : Graphics designs and templates.


Graphic designers and digital artists can create a wide variety of unique and valuable products. From logos, to PSD templates, to icon packs, to PowerPoint themes, to original artworks, designers can apply their skills in numerous ways to create digital products for sale.


Graphic designers can create and sell card designs, patterns, brushes, backgrounds, UI assets and more. Digital artists can sell finished pieces, drawings, and sketches. Finished original art of exceptional quality can be priced higher than graphic design pieces. If you can produce artwork digitally, it’s worth selling online.


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