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9 Powerful Onpage Optimization Twerks


9 Powerful Onpage Optimization Twerks

Search engine optimization experts agree that onpage search engine optimization is one of the most important aspect of search engine optimization. It is no longer strange news that content is king on the internet, but having great content with poor optimization would not yield the expected ranking.


So today, I am going to be showing you some of the most essential onpage SEO twerk that would yield a significant result in your traffic.



While this is partially true, search engine optimization plugins like yoast and rankmath only guide you through the process and does not do your onpage optimization for you.


Secondly, according to experts who have being building blogs and websites over the pass ten years, yoast and rankmath could actually harm your onpage search engine optimization if you follow their dictates blindly, that is why it is important to know what onpage SEO fully entails, in that way the plugin can only suggest to you why you see if it is good or your website.


Trust me when I say I have seen a lot of articles that these yoast and rankmath plugins scored less than ten yet they where ranking on position 0 (featured snippet) and position 1.


So without wasting anymore time, lets dive right into the basic onpages optimization rules for your blog post.




It is true that keeping your URL within 25 to 35 characters can actually boost your SEO ranking basically you don’t have to make your entire title a part of the slug simply use the target keyword as a slug.

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For instance the title of this post is 9 onpage SEO twerk, however, the the slug only contains the major keyword which is “onpage SEO twerk”. With this Google will be quick to detect the question your content answers as well as what it is about.


Also, by default WordPress sets a date before the slug. Although this would not actually harm your ranking on the SERP, it may make it difficult for people to send link to your website which in turn boost your ranking on the search engine result page.


So simply go to settings and then permalink to change the permalinks structure to post title.


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Internal Linking

Definitely having internal links from every article on your blog to each other would increase your search engine ranking drastically.


It has been proven that websites actually tend to ranking better than web pages. Now you may ask what’s the difference between a website and a web page it’s quite simple a website is a group of connected and interconnected webpages why web pages just a stand-alone page on the web. So the best way you can transform your side into the website status despite always Lincoln relevant keywords to related articles.


You can use a plug-in like whisper links if you use WordPress to help automate the process.


Linking out to authorities

Lincoln heights to authorities in your name actually helps to establish the first and second principle of Google’s ranking factor EAT. The first factor is expertise why the second is authority. So the more you link to only relevant and informative content on authority website in your own niche in our expertise and authority to who is going to afford to your website.

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