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5 WordPress Tips for Newbie


5 WordPress Tips for Newbie

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the whole world. in fact, it has over the years evolves from a blogging system to a very powerful software that can be used to create any type of websites.


This is so great because it means that your wordpress blog can be extremely flexible and possess as many features as you want them to have. for instance, i know of a blog that has a forum and other have e commerce stores as well as image galleries. So today, I am going to show you some vital things you can do to improve your website performance.


There are a lot of wordpress default settings that are not going to do your wordpress website or blog any good, so you better change them. do not worry, today, i will tell you a lot o them so that you can begin to implement the changes.


So without wasting any more time, let us get started



Permalinks are those letter that appear after the domain name of your website to differentiate the link o a particular website from that of another page.


By default, wordpress is built to automatically set the permalink of your blog post to the date the post is published followed by the title of the page.


This will lead to a boring url slug especially if you are not operating a news website. so if your website is not a new website, simply go to your settings on your wordpress dashboard and you will see the permalink setting, simply change the permalink to be the title of the post by default.

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If by chance the title of your blog post is too long, you can shortening it to a custom permalink there on your specific post setting.




Whenever you upload an image to your wordpress website, there will come a need to make the image file smaller than normal in order not to slow down the speed of your website. You can simply do it using a plugin like SMUSH. smush is a free wordpress plugin which can be easily installed from the wordpress plugin directory.


Once you get the plugin installed and activated on your website, you can go to the settings of the smush plugin and click the button bulk smush, which will resize and auto optimize all your images to the smallest possible size that will significantly boost your website speed.



This plugin helps you to easily paste code within the header tag of your website or the footer tag of your website.


this is the easiest way of verifying the ownership of your website when it comes to websites like google adsense, google search console and google analytical. so with the plugin, if you are not a tech or coding inclined person, you can find it difficult or even mess up your website.


so using the plugin will get your journey very easy and swift.



Jetpack is one of the most famous WordPress plugin and I will regarding it as a most for every WordPress website.

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The plugins comes with a lot of functionalities that you would have needed dozens of plugins to do for you, therefore making it very handy.

Some of the features of the jetpack plugin include

  • WordPress protection and Security
  • Stats and analytical
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Image compression
  • Backup

And a whole lot other.

The jetpack plugin has a premium plan with a lot of added benefits but if you don’t have money to spare, the free plan will work just fine.



This should be well known by now but it amazes the web to see people’s website or blog with the default WordPress icon.

To change your WordPress icon, you are to create a square image, preferably in a png format and then go to your customize menu – site identity in the appearance menu.


In some other cases where you use a premium theme, you may also be required to upload your icon in the theme’s theme panel.

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