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5 Online making money Schemes you should avoid in 2020


5 Online making money Schemes you should avoid in 2020

5 Online making money Schemes you should avoid in 2020

In 2017 when i first experienced the first Ponzi-scheme called M.M.M I was shocked at how Nigerians grabbed this opportunity, it became so obvious that Nigerians were simply people who wanted to get rich without working at all, they were simply very lazy thinkers and they allowed their environment define how they think, despite the crash of this platform in the neighborhood. African countries like South Africa and even sending warning messages to Nigerians never really cared and kept on investing their hard-earned money on the platform. You will be known 5 Online making money Schemes you should avoid in 2020 after reading this blog.

It all came down a year later when the whole platform went mayday and since then it became something that could never be forgotten.


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Experience shared by a friend

Just at that time then M.M.M was trending in Nigeria, I was a secondary teacher and a co-teacher friend of mine kept on investing and smiling to the bank on the platform, I told him and advised him to stop investing on it but would not listen, he gave excuses that he needed money to further his studies and seriously he really needed that money because he did not have enough to support himself from his parents, i pitied him and had no proof to justify my evidence of him not investing much more into the platform.


In my mind, I thought he would be very wise not to invest too much, but just the day the whole thing came crashing down he opened up to me that he invested over N250K into the platform and that was all the money he had to get to the university.

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I never stopped weeping for this guy, but at long last all was lost, this guy had to borrow cash from an external source to be able to further his education.


I met him again recently and this time he was selling data, no one needed to tell him that you only real money when you add value to people.


What Are The Very Few Money-Making Online Scams That You Should Run Away From ?.


I am going to be making some very few important lists and they are all based on experience.



Any platform that offers you cash for all your social media action is a scam and even if they even pay you, at all it would be very little as compared to nothing.


If you ever want to make money for your social media action then you should be ready to work you way to become a Social media influencer, and as a social media influencer then you should be able to build your online followership.


Online Survey

Online Surveys are platforms that collect data from users and sell them to advertisers.


This is the worst online money-making scam ever and to my amazement only lazy people fall for this trash.


Even if they work, they only operate properly in advanced nations such as the united states, no online survey is actually ready to pay you here in Nigeria, so don’t fall for any one that actually sends you an Email or that you accidentally stumble upon.


Crypto Mining

Crypto currencies are on the rise now and people are trying to find their way into it because of the trend and what some psycho-economist is predicting somewhere.

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One way to make it real time in cryptocurrency is mining, Nigerians are so lazy minded to the extent that they visit mining platforms online or even get investment pitches via Facebook and Whatsapp to help them double their Bitcoin.


I am not saying that this is a bad idea, but crypto mining is something that consumes a whole lot of resources from computers, to electricity and to even gadgets, there are very few crypto miners in the world and they are really scarce besides in the the nearest 50 – 100 years I don’t even think if crypto will ever find it way to modern civilization because it cannot be controlled by any government and it has been used for a lot of really bad things in time past and even presently.


Things such as Cocaine, Weapons of destruction are bought with Bitcoins by Islamic terrorists and i don’t think the US will want to ever lose control of the dollar to anything else, so instead of wasting your time trying to make money out of thin air, focus more on learning skills of the future like programming , digital sales or even E commerce.


Online Network Marketing

Network marketing is a very cool business, i started with MLM in those days though i didn’t really do well but most of the skills i mastered like digital marketing are all from my very few days in MLM. What annoys me is that there are so many companies and individuals trying to pitch people all over the world, some even promise to pay you cash in one week.

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You should be careful with these guys because their company lacks reputation and all they promise you is juicy compensation plans. These companies don’t exist after a while and so many people lose their money. MLM is one of the best businesses of all time but you have to be careful just before you invest.


Here is an article I recommend that you read on how to get started with MLM..



MMM taught Nigerians a great lessons and i don’t think i should waste my time trying to explain myself as you can see my introduction and Personal experiences.


Don’t do a business that does not add value for money, the value can be in form of products or services.



Let me be honest with you, the timeline to make it any legit online or offline business is 6 months to 3 years business like blogging, YouTube and so many others take time with a lot of cash investment.


Linda Ikeji blog did not make money till after 3 – 6 years like so and today she is a billionaire because of persistence and hard work.


I did not start making money online till after a very long time of study and proper knowledge acquisition by asking question online and offline.


Don’t waste your time trying to make money out of thing air because you have bills to pay, you have to work, plan and plot your route to making success online.


Money is very easy to be made all you just need is add value and money will be made in exchange quit trying to get rich without investing value.


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